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Regional Aviation Support, RAVEN, is staffed 100% by volunteers that have dedicated themselves to serving the communities of King County and surrounding counties.  The organization follows current aviation support methodologies and best practices to provide air crews and assets the safest, most expedient, and effective operations available.

Under King County's Office of Emergency Management, RAVEN trains and works with Law Enforcement / Fire / EMS / Military / and other Public Safety organizations as a safety multiplier to ensure that when helicopter assets are requested, dedicated support teams are deployed to ensure the highest possible safety, logistics, communications, and security of the responding aircrews and their equipment.

There are on-going, funding needs for the organization to maintain operational readiness.  These funds cover protective equipment, communications hardware, licenses, deployments, transportation, recovery gear, and continuous training required by Washington State's Dept. of Emergency Management for Emergency Workers. 

As RAVEN is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and is entirely self-funded, the majority of monies raised are through fundraisers and donations.  Our volunteer's backgrounds have a focus of dedication to Public Safety/Education, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Military, Aviation, and Communications to name a few.


RAVEN is a 100% volunteer, nonprofit organization, whose members pay for their own equipment, travel, transportation, training, and associated resources.

Donations from the general public, and other charitable sources, enable us to offer critical services to requesting Counties, agencies, and organizations.

100% of the contributions received are used for organizational operations, including: training, deployments, equipment, supplies, and business expenses.

Your tax deductible donation helps us to help others.

RAVEN is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a registered Washington State Charity. Our FEIN is 46-2263005, and our Washington State Charity Profile Registration number is 214775.


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Regional Aviation Support (RAVEN)

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